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Our Company

In 2014, CapsuleTransit opened its doors to travelers in tandem with the opening of the largest airport for budget carriers, KLIA2, Malaysia, and have been serving more than 50,000 travelers annually.

Headquartered in gateway@klia2, a shopping complex integrated into the terminal, we aim to provide a safe and convenient place for the weary travelers to take a break and unwind before they take on the world.

Come and experience our iconic capsule pods whilst you refresh and recharge!

Our Story

Imagine you have a flight to a place that you have always dreamt of going. Now imagine that flight is at odd hours in the morning, or late at night. How far would you go to make sure that you get on that flight?

That is the inspiration for our vision for CapsuleTransit, which is to deliver convenience for globe-trotters that are travelling near and far. Now you can sleep soundly knowing you are minutes away from the terminal when you wake up.

We make it our life mission to reimagine how airport accommodation should be. Hence, we introduced 3 different collections to cater to various travelers. We believe there is something out there for everyone!

For the adventurous who are looking for a place to freshen up and rest in our signature pods before catching early and red eye flights or even while in transit.

CapsuleTransit MAX
For those who prefers more of everything. Privacy. Space. En-suite bathroom.

Sophisticated pods strategically placed in pocket spaces around the airport. Locate, check in, and access into the pods using only your mobile phone.