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About Hotel Location

  1. Where is Capsule Transit located?
    We are located at Level 1 Gateway Mall (which is attached to Kuala Lumpur International 2 Airport).
  2. How do I get to Capsule Transit?
    By Car / Taxi:
    Drop off at Arrival Hall at Level 2, proceed to the nearest lift and go down to Level 1. We are just next to the transportation hubs’ ticketing counter.

    By Bus:
    All buses will disembark at the bus terminal at Level 1. Enter Gateway Mall. We are just next to the transportation hubs’ ticketing counter.

    By Train:
    Please disembark at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) station. You will enter Gateway Mall building at Level 2. Proceed to the nearest lift and go down to Level 1. We are just next to the transportation hubs’ ticketing counter.

    By Flight (arrival at KLIA2):
    You need to exit Malaysia’s Custom and Immigration checkpoint. From Arrival Hall, Continue to proceed to the mall lift and go down to Level 1 (CP1). The hotel is on the right wing of Level 1.We are just next to the transportation hubs’ ticketing counter.

    By Flight (arrival at KLIA1):
    You need to exit Malaysia’s Custom and Immigration checkpoint at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 1 (KLIA1) .You may use the free shuttle bus or train (ERL) provided by the airport to KLIA 2 terminal.

    Free Shuttle Bus
    The free 24/7 shuttle buses run every 10 minutes interval. The shuttle route is from KLIA – klia2 – Long Term Car Park (LTCP) – KLIA. This service is available at the frequency of every 10 minutes from all stops. The bus waiting area at KLIA is located at Door 4, Level 1 of Main Terminal Building.

    Transit train (ERL)
    The train service is available from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm daily. Click the link below for the latest train schedule.
  3. Do I need to clear Malaysia’s Custom and Immigration checkpoint to get to Capsule Transit as I have a transit flight?
    Yes, you need to clear the custom and immigration checkpoint and exit to the Arrival Hall as we are located at the Landside.

    Please log on to should you require VISA to enter Malaysia.

About Hotel Reservations

  1. How do I make a room reservation?
    You may log on to our website to book or walk in (subject to room availability).
  2. Besides your hotel website, are there any other websites that I can book a room in CapsuleTransit?
    You may also make bookings from an Online Travel Agent (OTA). Some of the more popular OTAs are Agoda, Expedia,, Traveloka and
  3. Where do I get the cheapest rates?
    Book directly with us to enjoy the best room rate. Simply log on to to explore attractive room rates, packages or promotions!
  4. Did I need to complete the payment to secure my booking?
    Yes, you are required to settle the payment in full to confirm your booking.
  5. Can I amend my booking after the booking is confirmed?
    Yes, you are allowed to amend their bookings up to 1 day before the check-in date. Amendment requests such as changing pod types are subject to availability and additional payment may be charged for the amendment. You may send your amendment requests by email (reservations[at] or call +603 7610 2020.

About Cancellation

  1. Is it possible to cancel my booking?
    Yes, all bookings are eligible for cancellation so long as you notify the hotel a minimum of 1 day before your check in date.
  2. What are the terms and conditions to cancel my booking?

    Below are the details of the terms and conditions
    • Travel restrictions due to current Covid-19 pandemic.
    • Flight cancellation - you are allowed to cancel their booking if your flight is canceled (supporting documentation of flight cancellations required).
    • Hospitalization - you are required to supplement cancellation requests with an official letter from a certified doctor barring travel due to during the dates booked.
    • Death of family members
  3. Can I transfer my bookings to other friends and family?
    Yes, you can transfer your booking to your friends and family once (1 time). An additional service charge of RM50.00 will be applied for each subsequent change to the booking name.
  4. How long do I have to wait for my money to be refunded after I have cancelled my booking.
    If your booking is eligible to be cancelled, you will be emailed a “Refund Request Form”. Your request will be processed after you have replied with the correctly completed form and will be refunded between 14 to 21 working days.
  5. My flight has been cancelled at the very last minute(same as my check-in date), is it possible to cancel my booking?
    Yes, you can cancel your booking for free if your flight has been cancelled by the airline (supporting documentation may be requested by the hotel to process this).

    We also provide another option for our guests which you can keep the booking for the next 12 months. Kindly contact our customer service for the arrangement. (Email - cs[at]
Your health and safety matters. If you think that your plans might be affected by COVID-19, contact our customer service team to assist you with amending your booking or assessing your options

About Check-In and Check-Out Procedure

  1. Is there a specific check-in time?
    Our hotel offers flexible check-in time and it is based on your selected/prefered time.
  2. Can I purchase additional hours to extend my stay if I want to stay longer?
    Yes, you can purchase additional hours for your stay. The additional rates will depend on the pod type you have booked. The rates are as below:

    Single Pods - RM 10.00 / Hour
    Queen Pods - RM 20.00 / Hour
    Suite Room - RM 20.00 / Hour
  3. Can I downgrade my pod when I check in?
    We do not typically allow downgrades once the booking is confirmed. Do contact our customer service team if there is a special reason for this before your check in date so we can make comfortable arrangements.
  4. Is more than 1 person allowed in a single pod?
    The hotel adheres very strictly to the safety regulations whereby only one person is allowed per single pod and we reserve the right to evict additional or unregistered guests.
  5. Do I need to pay a security deposit upon check in?
    Yes, you are required to pay a security deposit of 50.00 Ringgit Malaysia. We also accept other home currencies as security deposits. Please take note that credit cards are NOT accepted as security deposits.
  6. Do I need to return my towel when I check out?
    Yes, you are required to return the hotel’s towel to the reception counter before being able to collect your security deposit.

About Hotel Facilities

  1. What are the facilities inside the pod?
    All our pods are fitted with comfy beds, fluffy pillows, complimentary ear plugs and sleeping eye masks.
  2. Is there a shower room inside the capsule pods?
    No, all the shower facilities are common sharing but are separated by gender.
  3. Are storage lockers and showers included in the room rate?
    Yes they are inclusive of your room rate. The room comes with lockers to store your luggage and free use of shower facilities.
  4. Is free wifi provided in the hotel?
    Yes, the hotel provides complimentary wifi access to all registered guests.
  5. Is meal(s) included in the room package?
    No meal included for the room package.
  6. Where can I find food?
    There are plenty of eateries around that are available 24 hours a day.
  7. Can I buy food from outside and eat in the hotel?
    No, you are not allowed to bring food and eat inside the hotel room.
  8. Do you sell shower only service to the guest?
    Yes we do. You may proceed to our counter to request for shower service. Towel, dental kit and temporary locker will be provided as well.
  9. Do you provide locker storage service only?
    Yes we do. You may choose between 3, 6, 12 and 24 hour storage periods. Kindly proceed to our counter for the rates.
  10. Can I Smoke inside the hotel?
    Due to health and safety standards, smoking is not allowed in our premises. A RM500 fine will be imposed on first-time offenders who flout the no-smoking rule at our premises. However, our front desk officer will direct you to the nearest smoking area.